Bright Green Rope Halter 4 Knot Twisted Bitless Bridle

Bright Green Rope Halter 4 Knot Twisted Bitless Bridle
Brand new Clinton Anderson style nylon braided rope halter with 4 knots and the twisted crown. This beautiful halter is made of a 3/8" braided nylon and has a loop under the chin to attach a lead rope. You can also attach reins to it and use it as a natural bitless bridle! These are used for shipping as well as training and everyday use. I switched my horses to these kind of halters after attending a Pat Parelli seminar and saw the drastic change in horses and how they respond to this halter.

We had a 2 year old filly that just wouldn't lead! She would drag you all over the place and I put her in one of these halters and I just really couldn't believe it! She is like a different horse. She followed like a puppy dog now and stuck right by my side. I swear that's all I did was to put her in one of these halters! They are truely amazing for a training aid! And you can just ride with this halter. Put a set of reins on and tie the lead to your saddle horn and you have a natural rope style bridle just like Pat Parelli recommended style natural rope hackmore!

These halters are also great for shipping or trailering your horse because you don't have to do anything but tie the horse up. There is nothing to break when your horse tries to back out of the trailer after being tied. I don't know if you have ever had this happen to you but I have and ended up with a broken trailer tie! They don't break this one!

Email me for any questions.

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